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My "Polosophy"/ philosophy regarding photography?


Photos are meant to capture moments that create memories.

As Tolkien's wise Bilbo-Baggins said,

"There are moments that can change a person for all time."

Photos too, can do that. Upon a glance, a host of memories can rush over us of a time and place that once was...


I'm always seeking the unusual, whether it be subject or perspective. I am for hire, though I don't do weddings, unless, of course, they are of the more non-tradional kind.


I can provide a photo, a framed canvas or a compliation presented in a professional book or album.

I'll find the side of you or the subject,

for which you've been looking. This is a fluid site, so check back often as photos will be added...

Thank you for visiting my site. Some of you know me as Cindy and may ask, who is Annie? Annie Po is my hero spirited after Annie Oakley, she's my mentor, my hope, my pen name...
For years I have yearned to live by the shore. I love everything about it, as you will find reflected in many of my images. For the residents there, person and animal, much of daily life is built around survival. It is a tough but beautiful life.
Also inspired by the shore, I  invite you to anticipate my children's book which is a love story of sea ponies (to be released at a later date). I invite you to poke me often about finishing it!
Capturing unusual components and textures of objects for what they are or what they could be or once were is a new interest. The interiors and restoration photos come from a new project that I fell into and I just love. "Bones to Beauty", "Woods" and "Beauty to Bones" focuses on capturing the beauty in decay and rejuvenation. 
I love and loathe feedback. 
Please share. 
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